Mail Quantum

Secure Messaging Solutions
Professional Features for all our packs

Perfomance Mail Managanagement Quantum Optimization

Increased security, Advanced administration functions
A solid architecture to avoid the blacklist of your domains
Unlimited Domains & mailboxes

Emails secure and respectful of your privacy


  • Outlook, webmail and mobile access
  • 100% uptime
  • Support 5/7 ± 6h
  • QuantumSync Mobile
  • Scalable global storage

15.99 $ / Month / 100 GB

Pure MailQuantum

  • Dedicated Mail server
  • Customized Storage Capacity
  • Mail Transactional
  • Ip Dedicated
  • Support 7/7 ± 20mins
  • Mailgun Partner API Access

On Demand

Fully configured messaging solution

The solution includes a dedicated server, a Smartermail business email, a QuantumSpamExperts anti-spam - all fully configured and ready to welcome you. It's the easiest way to get a powerful messaging solution for your business with high bandwidth

Quantum Email Server Solution

provides an impressive 500 Mbps bandwidth. In addition, SmarterMail's file storage feature allows users to download files to the server and share them via downloadable links. This is very useful for sending large attachments without slowing down the spool. Less spam, more productivity

Quantum SpamExperts

Anti Spam Quantum Managed can help you reduce your staff's spam work hours. Incoming email filters have a filter accuracy rate of almost 100% with almost 0 false positives. Failover of incoming emails

Quantum Email Accessibility

If your email server is momentarily inaccessible (Update, maintenance), SpamExperts' incoming filter will collect emails and attempt to return them as soon as possible, instead of sending a delivery failure to the person who sent the email. Enhanced security

Quantum Email security

Our goal is to provide the highest levels of protection and security for your dedicated server. Server security, ranging from your firewall to the usual software patches, helps protect your managed server and update your system. Total control and flexibility Managed services

Quantum Email solution

Our services cover everything from full system administration to advanced surveillance, back-up solutions on demand, troubleshooting operating systems, malware removal to d protection against DDoS attacks, etc. This allows you to free up your resources and focus on your business interests.

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