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Accelerate and optimize your web performance to increase your turnover and expand your business internationally.

Accélération et optimisation de vos performances web

web server & professional solution

Coeur Digital offers professional solutions to optimize the performance and security of your web server
Speed and reliability are key to winning the trust of your partners
Deliver optimal customer experiences to your customers wherever they are in the world

Gain storage space and speed with Cloud Computing.

Reduce bandwidth to speed up processes

Reducing data transfer and resource management

Secure your infrastructure to avoid all forms of computer hacking

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing represents all the IT services available on the internet (web server, data storage, network management, software and analysis tools). These innovative tools and resources enable a faster and more efficient deployment of your infrastructures, while reducing costs! Cloud computing eliminates the need to invest in hardware and software, and to configure and manage data centers.Performance, storage and data analysis will be optimized

Cloud computing offers greater flexibility to businesses

Store, back up and analyze data

Centralize your resources and web applications web applications to optimize work between teams.

Offer your customers updates at any time

Travailler sur un cloud via le serveur web de votre entreprise
Un serveur web dédié est la meilleure solution professionnelle pour une entreprise

Dedicated web server

A dedicated server is the best professional solution to optimize and secure your internet infrastructure. VYou keep control of your hosting, unlike the shared server whose resources are shared by several clients.
It is an ideal solution for websites that have significant traffic or e-commerce sites (online sales) for example. A dedicated server offers greater configuration autonomy and will more easily adapt to the different features and needs of your business.
The speed and performance of your installation will be optimal since all the resources (hard disk, processor, RAM memory, etc.) belong to you, and are not shared with third-party.

You will also be able to install your own applications:

Secure messaging service, backup, Mail server ...

deployment of a web server

Deploying a new web server is an operation that requires an action plan. The security of your infrastructure should be considered from the first planning stage.
In particular, companies will have to be attentive to the necessary human resources needs to ensure the continuity and the good functioning of your infrastructures during the deployment of a server.
Our developer team will provide you with a deployment strategy tailored to your company's needs.

 Le déploiement d’un serveur web en toute sécurité
 La sécurité informatique d’un serveur web est primordiale pour votre entreprise

Server Security

Web servers that host sensitive data and other content are often the target of computer hacking. Cyber criminals are constantly looking for poorly configured or mismanaged websites to launch attacks.
A lack of security in your infrastructure can cause bugs, or even a complete shutdown of service. The possible consequences of a security breach are significant loss of revenue, loss of trust of the user and your customers. The loss or theft of confidential data may also involve your legal liability.
In the 21st century, cyber security has become a key factor in keeping your business going.

«  Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Direct Geotargeting with DNS

Geo-targeting, or geolocation, is a method that allows you to target a user to offer the server or the nearest resource based on its geographical location.
Direct geo targeting via DNS is a new method that further accelerates the rapidity of your site. The ability to add precise setting filters increases the quality of your targeting results.

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